The Georgia Commission on Child Support may provide non-legal assistance to individuals with Non-DCSS private cases not managed by DCSS that involve income deduction and withholding of child support by an employer payable to the Family Support Registry (FSR).

Please contact the Georgia Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) directly at 877-423-4746 or on-line at for assistance with DCSS services cases. The Georgia Commission on Child Support has no authority over the DCSS or involvement with any case managed by that agency.

Administrative Office of the Courts
Georgia Child Support Commission
244 Washington Street, SW
Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30334



  Step 1: Family Support

       (See second "Important" note
       under Q&A section of this
       Prepare and send these
       documents to the Family
       Support Registry (FSR) before
       documents are sent to the

      - FSR Registration Form v1.2
         (non-fillable PDF)

      - FSR Registration Form v1.2
         (fillable version)

      - Income Deduction Order

  Step 2: Employer
      Prepare and send these
      documents to the

Warning: Do Not have a judge sign the IWO or file it with the Clerk of Superior Court.

      - Income Deduction Order

      - Notice to Payor

Attention: Download 2014 version of IWO form.

      - IWO form (fillable version-
         helpful hints)

      - IWO form (PDF version)

  Step 3: Noncustodial Parent
      Prepare and send these
      documents to the Noncustodial

      - Income Deduction Order

      - Statement of Rights,
         Remedies, and Duties

Consent Order

  Action Transmittal 11-05


  IWO Bench Card